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''Saturday morning cleaning'' candle in soy wax
''Saturday morning cleaning'' candle in soy wax

''Saturday morning cleaning'' candle in soy wax

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Candle Saturday Morning Cleaning in soy wax bringing back childhood memories. Saturday morning was sacred for cleaning the house, the smell of lemon, Grandma's flowery potpourri permeated the house. For those who share this tradition, you certainly recognize yourself in it! The cork lid can be used to extinguish the candle and has been handmade exclusively in Portugal.

Scented candles made with in-house blends of essential fragrance oils originating from the wild fields of Portugal and certified premium, no synthetic fragrances. Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic.

Fragrances: citron, lily of the valley

Container: 11oz reusable glass

Lid: in ecological cork made in Portugal

Measurements: 8.5cm L X 7.6cm H

Burn Time: 50+ hours with proper wick care

Wax and wick:premium soy with cotton wick (never dyes or activator)

Delivered in a pretty gift box reminiscent of Portuguese ceramic tiles

For the best burn, make sure the wick is trimmed to 1/2 to 1/4 inch each time you light it. Never leave a burning candle unattended.